Product development for the veterinary product “Gentler” for the non-drug immobilization of large animals.

industrialpartners develops high-tech product “Gentler” for KN Sales UG to immobilize large cattle

Recently, the topic of “animal welfare” has been discussed with great attention and justification.

Two Odenwald companies are providing technical assistance with a particularly innovative veterinary product. In order to protect animals and humans during difficult or dangerous medical treatments and care measures, such as claw care, the company Industrialpartners GmbH, based in the upper Olfen district, has developed the “Gentler” system for K+N SALES UG from Fränkisch-Crumbach, which is based on stimulation current therapy technology.

In the past, it was usually necessary to use clamping frames or medication to immobilize the animals for the duration of a treatment. Now the “Gentler” offers a safe and gentle alternative for the protection of animals and humans. Especially during dehorning, claw care, milking or other veterinary measures, animals are often under stress and can become a great danger for humans and themselves through hoof kicks or uncontrolled movements.

The “Gentler”, which weighs only 1.2 kg, effectively prevents this. He stimulates the nervous system of the animal by means of an electronic impulse in which the ergonomically shaped tip of the probe is inserted rectally into the animal. Subsequently, the stimulation current pulse can effectively immobilize the animal by temporarily anaesthetising part of the muscles, which is completely harmless to the animal’s health during use.

The creative team of Industrialpartners GmbH from Oberzent with its engineers and product designers is responsible for the electronic and mechanical development of the K+N Sales product, which also uses the marketing of this innovative product concept, as well as the design development, article construction and industrialisation from a single source for the design of the appearance of the new “Gentler” brand.

In addition, the production of a small series was carried out on an industrial scale, which shortened the time to market for the product. The production of a small series could be realized in enormously short time periods by the production method of additive 3D manufacturing used by Industrialpartners in connection with novel surface treatments, which benefited the market launch of the “Gentler”.

The entire corporate product design for the veterinary product used for marketing also comes from the designers of industrialpartners. This included the design of the product logo, claims and the product website, as well as the layout and production of the operating instructions, the product brochure and the development and production of the product packaging,

The Gentler – “The Gentle Way For Smart Farming!”

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