Pager F.R.E.D.

Our digital alarm system: reliable, fast and on duty for you around the clock.
Thanks to mobile radio technology, Pager F.R.E.D. offers one of the best accessibility on the market.

Reliable alerting:
98.9 % in 11 seconds

“Available”, “Not available”
Always-on status power

“coming immediately”, “in 10
Minutes”, “am prevented”

Incl. Transmission
the location (GPS)

Mobile technology, roaming SIM, dual SIM, LTE CAT M1

bright, viewing angle stable

Robust, in accordance with IP64
Size: 60 x 90 x 23 mm

Pager within easy reach,
incl. Inductive charging station

Reliable alerting:
98.9 % in 11 seconds

“Available”, “Not available”
Always-on status power

“coming immediately”, “in 10
Minutes”, “am prevented”

incl. Transmission
the location (GPS)

Roaming SIM, dual SIM

bright, viewing angle stable

Robust, in accordance with IP64
Size: 60 x 90 x 23 mm

Pager within easy reach,
Incl. Inductive charging station

Fire department

For optimum deployment planning: Alert all required emergency services in seconds via group call.

Rescue service

For reliable accessibility: quickly initiate rescue operations with the F.R.E.D. radio alarm receiver.

Nursing service

For perfect coordination: the alarm button provides employees in home care with additional security.

Event management

For inspiring events: perfect organization even at events with high network utilization.

F.R.E.D. - First Response Emergency Deployment

What really counts with a radio alarm receiver: reliable 24/7 availability, fast alerting and simple operation.

For all operations where every second counts, we develop and manufacture this handy, robust and reliable F.R.E.D. pager directly in Germany.

24/7 availability

Two-way paging

F.R.E.D. signals that it is ready to receive. The availability is easy to read on every pager.

The control center sees the current availability of each team member.

The pager automatically sends a confirmation of receipt after an alarm has been triggered and allows the user to provide feedback.

The GPS tracking of each device can be conveniently switched on and off manually.

A “dead man’s switch” can be implemented.

Optimized accessibility

Optimized accessibility thanks to patented, IP-based data protocol

Delivery of alerts even with poor signal strength and overloaded networks – e.g. at major events

No disconnection by the provider

End-to-end encryption at data and protocol level, VPN tunnels

Warning function for power loss

Very high redundancy

Very high redundancy thanks to mobile technology and roaming SIM, dual SIM solution or international mobile communications standard LTE CAT M1

Intelligent monitoring of components and channels by BSI-certified data center

Virtual dedicated line: Permanent, self-checking connection of each individual F.R.E.D. pager to the control center

Free API for connection to control systems

F.R.E.D. - Reliable digital alerting in seconds

98.9 % Alerting in 11 seconds

Reliable alerting of almost 100 % of all radio message receivers in just a few seconds

Direct feedback to the control center via automatic confirmation of receipt

Automatic retransmission in the event of a brief loss of connection

Possibility to receive individual, also multilingual text messages

Alarm signal

Alerting on the pager via three adjustable functions

Visual alarm via ultra-bright LEDs

Audible alarm via loudspeaker with adjustable ring tones

Alarm by means of powerful vibration

Alarm reminder function

Tactical feedback

Bidirectional communication

Precise deployment planning thanks to manual feedback option for the emergency services: “Coming immediately” / “Coming in 10 minutes” / “Unavailable”

Emergency call function including location transmission

Concept drawing

Powerful Pager

The F.R.E.D. pager is compatible with the leading alarm system from Cubos (Group Alarm) and is equipped with interfaces for connecting your own systems.


F.R.E.D. has an IP64-certified, dust and splash-proof housing with a practical belt clip.

A special charging cradle ensures inductive charging.

The high-performance rechargeable battery ensures a comfortable battery life of approx. 48 hours.

The radio alarm receiver works in temperature ranges
from – 20° C to 60° C.

ATEX certification can be easily implemented as a supplement at any time.


F.R.E.D. can be operated intuitively using just a few buttons and clear menu navigation.

With the bright and viewing angle stable display, every user can see all alarm texts at a glance, even in unfavorable environments.

The pager is equipped with a separate emergency call button for emergencies. When pressed, the location is transmitted directly (GPS).

Remote maintenance

Users can easily configure and update the pager software over-the-air via the mobile phone interface.

Users either start the updates themselves or centrally via the server.

If required, parameterization or group formation can be easily implemented.

In the event of loss, the remote pager is locked or unlocked, and a text message (e.g. the user’s contact details) provides additional information.

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