Cloud + Data

How IoT data becomes smart

Intelligent data processing refines IoT data. We provide the IoT platform, collect data and analyze it. In this way, they become the basis for new, disruptive business models in a connected world.

Our customers benefit from “Infrastructure as a Service”: state-of-the-art cloud solutions for seamless integration into the system landscape. Data management and device management as the ideal basis for predictive maintenance. All based on effective IoT security.


Cloud platform

Standardized and flexible

The right cloud platform for your IoT project: We select the right services and take care of the ideal configuration: data backup services, analysis software and service management tools to manage the connected devices.


Our solutions are based on proven standard web applications from globally established partners. Customers do not have to enter into expensive license agreements: We act vendor-independently and assemble components as cost-effectively as possible. Our claim: reliable cloud hosting, security, high-performance and fail-safe transmission, high availability, suitable storage sizes, backups, export interfaces and latency times – all DSGVO-compatible.

Data Services

Intelligent, holistic, secure

One of our core competencies that sets us apart from the competition: intelligent data use, guaranteed by holistic data preparation and data analysis – no matter what the scope. Speed, scalability, security and simple data management: to achieve this, we use state-of-the-art technology and collect sensor and machine data centrally in the cloud: in state-of-the-art, scalable databases, they are available for further evaluation and visualization.


The topic of (IT) security is the basic principle behind all steps of an IoT project. We develop an individual, detailed IoT security concept for each customer.

Rules Engines

Define, apply, draw conclusions

Intelligent data analysis: We use individual rules engines to define processes, set rules and draw conclusions about how data can be meaningfully summarized. Added to this are centrally controlled, compiled notification functions for automating and managing business rules.


Rule definitions are stored and adjusted as needed. The core of Rules Engines is automated execution – meaningful, rule-based data handling. Implemented in a project-oriented manner via time summaries, groups of sensor data as averages, incremental changes and much more such as additional external data (weather, etc.).

Predictive Functions

Predictive Maintenance & Artificial Intelligence

We use predictive analytics: future-oriented analyses of data series based on statistical methods, predictive models, machine learning and data mining. This involves identifying patterns in historical data and analyzing risks and probabilities. In this way, we obtain valuable information about the states of machines and trigger predictive maintenance processes: Flexible maintenance intervals depending on actual wear and tear replace rigid service cycles.


Artificial intelligence as next evolutionary step makes huge amounts of data manageable: Prediction for demand and turnover, optimization of the sequence of service orders including route planning, event scoring, project-related prediction models.

Connection to existing processes

API gateway

We provide customized and seamless integration of data into the system landscape of our customers via project-specific and self-developed APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). They can also rely on easy integration of third-party software and problem-free rights management: The flexibility and openness of common standard software products and platforms offer unlimited possibilities for all conceivable adjacent applications.


With our APIs, we deliver a fundamental success factor: Only the reliable online connection to internal customer structures (ERP/CRM) enables the meaningful evaluation of the collected data material.

Device Management

Secure, efficient and infinitely scalable

We deliver complete device management: the central management of all end devices within the infrastructure of the entire IoT process – securely and efficiently. The huge data stream of the involved machine, devices and objects is collected centrally in the cloud.


Depending on the project, we act very flexibly, very quickly and guarantee limitless scalable performance. It does not matter whether we evaluate the data from one sensor/device or a million sensors/devices: any amount of data can be reliably implemented, there is no limit. The provided performance adapts individually and flexibly scalable to the current demand, the billing runs transparently according to individual usage.

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