Service + Operations

Support becomes added value

We ensure ongoing operation with comprehensive services. We implement every step systematically and reliably: From setting up the IoT platform to data management including the comprehensive visualization of the collected IoT data.

Smart Operations ensure that all elements are optimally integrated into your system environment and that the entire IoT process chain runs smoothly. Process control, updates, invoice management and data security: This saves time and money.

Process control

Automated & reliable

Our customers can rely on every point within the complex IoT process chain running – absolutely silently and error-free. With our comprehensive know-how, we take care of browser-based process control and monitoring.


In doing so, we have every area in view: Embedded SIM CHIP management, data ruleset setup and control, message management, NFC chip management, dashboard builder & action builder, error management and abuse control, automated contract control, volume monitoring. And we secure every step of the way with data security providing an overarching IoT security concept.


Safety Over-The-Air

The best method against security gaps: Hardware updates over-the-air and automated software updates in the sense of continuous integration. This is how we optimally protect the infrastructure of an IoT project. Updates deliver new functions and important patches. In this way, we actively prevent IoT devices from becoming obsolete and posing a threat for our customers.


Strict control and restriction of user rights in the course of updates is mandatory. Additionally, only updates from official manufacturer sources are installed – fake updates can cause great damage within an IoT network. We make sure that this does not happen.

Invoice Management

Data exploitation

Our payment experts ensure optimal commercial utilization of the collected and analyzed IoT data.


We adapt multi-level, dynamically configurable billing systems to customer-specific sales structures. We deliver transparent billing of all IoT services to end customers: Scalable and independent of the type of billing – daily, monthly, usage- or event-based. Calculations can be broken down to the lowest booking level: Departments, dealers, partners, end customers, periods, usage, events, etc. And if necessary, we integrate automated micropayment solutions into the billing models.

Data security

Protection at every step

The infrastructure of an IoT project is particularly sensitive: for IoT devices, for APPs for managing IoT data and applications, for transmission paths and for the backend for processing data in the cloud.


We ensure that the collected and valuable IoT data is protected at all times – via data security via IP-VPN access, specific heartbeat control (LogFile) and other measures: Multifactor authentication, end-to-end encryption, least privilege principle, granular control of applications and user activities, security by design, state-of-the-art identity and access management, and threat intelligence via machine learning.

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