Secure & reliable data transmission

No functioning IoT solution without functioning connectivity. Secure data transfer is only guaranteed with 100% reliable data transmission: from machines, devices and objects networked with each other via M2M communication to the cloud via mobile radio.

We organize all elements in the Wireless Internet of Things: M2M (Machine To Machine) technology, SIM card management, tariffs, radio technology (Narrowband NB-IoT, LTE Cat M1, GPRS, GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G) and data transmission.

Radio technologies

Safety, frequency, speed

The right wireless technology for your IoT project: security, speed and frequency – we have mastered the most important parameters for optimum data transfer.

We use NarrowBand IoT for the efficient networking of many end devices: the latest mobile technology, based on Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) and highly standardized by 3GPP. NB-IoT transmits at 200kHz and is ideal for smaller data volumes. The advantages: Reception even in shielded areas, deep building penetration, cost-effective, extremely secure, high energy efficiency, low energy consumption, simple installation. If required, we also use the following transmission standards: LTE Cat M1, GPRS, GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G.

SIM card management

Complete service from a single source

When transmitting data via mobile communications, many SIM cards are involved in every IoT project. We take care of the complete SIM card management including billing.

Our logistics service ranges from storage, quality and quantity control, order picking, packaging, delivery and returns processing to reporting. SIM card management processes ensure reliable implementation: Interface analysis, support, ticket systems and the continuous optimization of ongoing operations. In addition, there is seamless tracking of all serial numbers, including serial number validation, SIM card activation and card replacement if required.


The right choice for every project scenario

Our network enables us to find the perfect tariff for your IoT user scenario: we have been working closely with all network operators for decades. And know exactly which tariff from which provider is best suited and cheapest for which IoT solution.

Our market position allows us to be completely independent of network operators, which means we can offer our customers the best conditions. With the introduction of the new 5G generation of mobile communications technology, we are also making use of national roaming: switching between national mobile networks depending on reception strength will then enable the best possible network coverage.

Secure data transmission

Safety first for sensitive data

Indispensable for the implementation of your IoT project: globally functioning, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. For the reliable transmission of the collected data, we rely on the absolutely secure transmission medium of mobile communications. We establish a non-vulnerable connection via the established networks.

We use the established transmission standards GSM and UMTS, and LTE on request. The transmission of machine and sensor data is encrypted using standardized and proven transmission protocols with a sophisticated security concept, depending on the project via MQTT or AMQP. Secure connection to the IoT cloud or our customers’ servers is also guaranteed.

Sensor Interface

The IoT gateway system

We have developed a sensor interface especially for IoT applications that functions as an IoT gateway system via battery or continuous operation. Communication with the cloud takes place via an integrated modem equipped with an M2M SIM card. With its robust IP65 housing, it serves as a gateway for all types of sensors in industrial environments.

Equipped with a variety of sensors and connections to various bus systems, the interface can send virtually any type of information to the cloud service. Security was particularly important to us here: communication with the cloud is validated using several unique identifiers.

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