Customer Apps

Customer-oriented, smart & flexible

Smart Operations: from digital order processing to secure Identity of Things & People. Extensive data visualization enables high transparency and forecasting capabilities, intelligent solutions for e-marketplaces and white label stores complete the offering.

We use browser-based standard APPs, which are also available customized. A powerful standard system serves as the basis for data processing. Depending on requirements, we customize this IoT platform.


Individual & configurable

A customized dashboard frontend provides optimally visualized information: Command Buttons, Action Builder and Tickets, Channel Editor and Live Dashboard. In this way, we provide detailed reports via a clear cockpit. All views are in responsive design and scale device-independent completely trouble-free.


Our solutions are based on customizable standard software (Microsoft, Salesforce, etc.) and can be customized: Native APPs and browser-based Web APPs tailored to the project and developed by us ensure a high level of user-friendliness and optimal functionality.

User experience

Acceptance & Usability

Raising awareness among all stakeholders is a critical factor for the success of an IoT project and for a positive user experience. We involve all people who work together within an IoT network.


We accompany the change process in the IoT project with professional training. Step by step, we familiarize all people involved with the new systems, with new data views, analyses and processes. In this way, everyone understands the meaning and potential of the project and optimally accepts their own role. At the same time, we ensure the best possible usability of all components within the overall IoT system: this also significantly increases acceptance.

Identity + Access Management

For the unique identity of things and humans

Every IoT project requires an individual Identity & Access Management (IAM). Our IAM platform is reliable, scalable, highly available and intuitive to use. It maps the multi-layered structure of an IoT project and grants the required access authorizations. We deliver a modern IAM solution that assigns a unique digital identity to every thing and every person, centrally created, managed and monitored.


In doing so, our solution also integrates the identities of external resources and people. This is what ideal Identity & Access Management looks like: Scalability, standardization, management of relationships between all entities, agility and security.


Enter the online world

Whether for medium-sized businesses or large industrial enterprises: We develop e-marketplace models that enable a simple and intelligent entry into digitization. Including the necessary hardware and the complete accompanying ecosystem: This enables customers to make their products and services available online to their partners and their own customers.


Regardless of the industry or niche solution, we make all our customers’ products and services visible and available online. With a customized, cost-effective e-marketplace that is ideally tailored to individual requirements and is easy and intuitive to use.

White Label Shops including order lines

Flexible marketing

We build multi-campaign capable white label stores: based on proven shopping processes and flexibly adapted to individual requirements.


We take care of all important steps: the development of the store system including evaluation; conversion-optimized and responsive design; individual branding; optimized customer guidance based on studies for short click and order paths; intelligent shopping carts with availability checks and bundle offers; SEO; integration of tracking & analysis tools; hotline & chat service; integration of payment systems; incentives; voucher solutions; cashbacks; bonus points; fulfillment; content creation; product & price maintenance and campaigns.

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