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Smart hardware for the Internet of Things

Our agile team transforms existing devices into smart objects that interact with their environment in the Internet of Everything: Smart Connected Products that process data via sensor technology, 24/7. Machines that communicate in the Industrial IoT and Internet of Medical Things via M2M (Machine to Machine) technology.

We produce new smart devices and IoT products for our customers: Smart Engineering for Industry 4.0 and for billions of connected devices in the Internet of Things.

Design + Construction

Full-service package for intelligent product development

Our design process covers all areas: Housing design, construction, development of mechatronics, reverse engineering, creation of injection molding simulation, tooling, assembly and parts production. Supplier selection and support is also part of the process. Quality, functionality and state-of-the-art technology: these parts form the perfect basis for efficiency, cost savings and tangible competitive advantages.


We harmonize technical and ergonomic requirements, material properties and certifications. In this way, we guarantee fast, cost-effective production incorporating innovative processes such as additive manufacturing / rapid prototyping and more.


Measuring data the right way

Sensor technology is the basis for successful IoT projects: Our IoT sensors capture data transmitted to the cloud via mobile communications, analyzed and stored. We ensure the right sensor selection, the rapid implementation of sensor technology and the intelligent adaptation of sensor data.


Our own portfolio already covers many application areas: Printed Electronics; customized or standardized sensor solutions; patented Sensofoil® and Sensoink® sensors; foil potentiometer technology and sensor elements; polymer strain gauges with patented “bending beam” technology; SensoForce pressure sensors (FSR technology); In-Mold Electronics and Smart Packaging.

Electronics development

Reliable data transmission via mobile communications

Developing the right electronics in combination with connectivity is crucial for a successful IoT project. Based on our core competence in mobile communications technology, we deliver the complete package: detailed solution approaches, products and development services for electronics, data transmission, electronics development, server technology and wireless solutions.


We take special care of the management of mobile communication transmission, also with our own patented processes. Modern transmission technologies from 2G to 5G ensure optimal transfer of the collected sensor data: from the hardware via the middleware into the cloud, into servers or customer systems.

Software development

Comprehensive in-house know-how

We use state-of-the-art tools and also draw on specialized know-how, for example for customer-specific Android applications. Our engineers’ approach is comprehensive: programming the software goes hand in hand with developing the electronics hardware. We deliver the complete package: software, hardware with suitable firmware and middleware, circuit diagram layout, prototype construction, component procurement for series production.


We accompany the project until the desired device is running stably in the field. Our strength lies in the individual solution: Depending on the requirements, it can be designed very simply, but in connection with edge computing, it can also be highly complex.

Rapid Prototyping

Future technology 3D printing

Rapid Prototyping: High-quality plastic parts using the 3D printing process as an alternative to injection molding. We use this innovative additive manufacturing technology for prototypes, medium and small series. This not only saves weight and costs in the long term: we can also react quickly to changing requirements during production, order according to the situation and avoid costly warehousing.


Assemblies with highly complex mechanical properties can often only be realized with rapid prototyping. In addition, we thus also create the basis for PoCs (proof of concept) and functional samples for testing the technical functions of all parts and components.


From technical idea to series production

Intelligently developed and produced hardware protects integrated electronics. Whether standard housings or customized solutions: We integrate input systems and electronic components into perfectly matched plastic/metal housings and carriers. This way, hardware and software are perfectly matched within the IoT project.


Our hardware engineers supply our customers with all components: Design, plastic design, CAD design. Prototyping, assemblies, housings, control elements, input systems and complete devices. Complete SMD assembly via automated manufacturing processes. Certifications and transmission approvals, series tools, embedded systems, control electronics.

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