Year of Change 2024: HK.SYSTEMS is now HK.DIGITAL

2024: Another year of change for us. Stagnation is not really our thing, exciting developments are all the more so: that’s why HK.SYSTEMS is becoming HK.DIGITAL!

HK.DIGITAL will become part of the “HK.SYSTEMS connects” holding company, which is currently being founded. This will bring together the expertise of experienced companies in the fields of IoT (Internet of Things) and HMI (Human Machine Interface) – for the digital future of more than just our customers.

The newly founded HK.DIGITAL realizes sophisticated IoT solutions in this technology network. In line with our vision: “Together with our customers, we are shaping a networked world that benefits our society in the long term.”

Look forward to what will come from us in 2024! And keep following us on these news channels: We’ll keep you up to date.