The right cloud platform for your IoT project

The core of digital transformation: The right cloud platform for every IoT project

Intelligent data processing makes collected IoT data smart – everyone agrees on that. To achieve this, one basic requirement is indispensable: a powerful, suitable IoT cloud platform. The heart of every digital transformation, where IoT data is collected, processed and analyzed. So that precisely this data can become the basis for new, disruptive business models in a networked, digital world. For our customers, however, this also means that if they want to install and operate their own server hardware for the respective IoT project – then this very quickly becomes very expensive. Not least due to additional costs for maintenance, updates and redundant transmission hardware. That’s why we take care of the entire “IoT cloud platform” issue for our customers – providing affordable data storage in the cloud and reliable cloud hosting.

Central data storage in the cloud – standardized, flexible, cost-effective

Our partner company ROBIOTIC is the specialist in this area and finds the right cloud platform for every IoT project. We deliver the ideal overall package: suitable services, optimal configuration, data backup services, analysis software and service management tools for managing the connected devices. In this way, we ensure that the promising potential of “Big Data” can be leveraged at all: We collect and import data sets, which are then intelligently stored, processed, filtered and evaluated. Only in this way can the collected data provide decisive added value – only in this way can “Big Data” become the much-cited “Smart Data”.

The right know-how for this area cannot be valued highly enough: Because the IoT cloud platform contains the actual intelligence within the entire IoT process chain. And this is precisely where our customers can rely on one of our core competencies, where we offer what our competitors do not – the intelligent, holistic, fast, secure storage and, in the next steps, also processing and analysis of the previously collected data. No matter to what extent.

The sensor and machine data is stored centrally and cost-effectively in the cloud via Amazon Web Services and Google and secured in German data centers – naturally in accordance with the applicable DSGVO standards. Our solution approach is customer and project oriented. And therefore not proprietary, but individually based on globally proven standard web applications – fully compatible with all future further developments. This means that the data volumes are ideally available for subsequent evaluations and visualizations. Of course, all data can be viewed online at any time 24/7 by the relevant users, graphically prepared in the appropriate format via desktop or mobile device.

By the way, our cloud solutions are based on the proven standard web applications of globally established partners such as Salesforce, SAP, Siemens or Microsoft for convincing reasons: We thus avoid expensive license agreements for our customers – because we act vendor-independently and can thus put together the necessary components as cost-effectively as possible. Because that is precisely our claim and our goal for every IoT project: reliable cloud hosting, suitable security features, high-performance and fail-safe data transmission, high availability, the right storage sizes, reliable backups, export interfaces and latency times – all DSGVO-compatible. Our modern cloud solutions thus ensure seamless integration into our customers’ system landscape. The best prerequisite for intelligent data analysis and rapid integration, adapted to the respective business case.

Services and scalability

Our cloud systems provide additional sales, marketing and service capacities on an as-needed basis. Our customers can access the complete cloud power directly via an Internet browser without having to sign additional license agreements. They always have easy, fast access to all data and relevant information from the IoT environment. This means: efficient access to all data from your own operational software, easy viewing of all evaluations even via mobile devices, secure and uncomplicated administration of access rights.

Depending on the project scope, we also establish an IoT cloud platform that is not only fast, but also infinitely scalable. Whether it is a matter of data evaluation of one device or a million devices: There is no limit to the number of data streams – our solutions can reliably implement any amount of data. We adapt the service we provide individually and flexibly to current needs, and our customers pay according to usage – completely transparently and cost-efficiently.

Thomas Krekeler, our spearhead in sales at HK.SYSTEMS and also CEO of our partner company ROBIOTIC, is the expert for the IoT Cloud. If you have any questions, he will be happy to answer them: