Transmitting from explosion-proof rooms: SpillGuard® connect

Transmitting from explosion-proof rooms: IoT solution SpillGuard® connect ensures safety!

Explosion-proof rooms, especially for highly flammable hazardous substances: There is hardly any environment that is subject to higher safety requirements – regardless of whether it is used privately or industrially.

The most important basics for avoiding accidents and capital consequences are outlined quickly and easily understood:

• Limit explosions to a safe level
• Prevent the formation of an explosive atmosphere

If – for example in a storage room – hazardous substances nevertheless escape and vapors or gas mixtures are formed, the following applies: Avoid effective ignition sources in the potential explosion zone.

Revolutionary hazardous substance leakage warning system SpillGuard® connect: collaborative IoT solution from DENIOS, HK.SYSTEMS and ROBIOTIC can prevent explosions in advance

For such a hazardous situation, we have developed a highly effective IoT solution for DENIOS SE together with our partner company ROBIOTIC GmbH: The revolutionary hazardous material leakage warning system SpillGuard® connect. A real accolade for us: DENIOS is the world’s leading manufacturer and provider of products and services for operational environmental protection and workplace safety.

SpillGuard® connect is the first self-sufficient digitalized leakage warning system ever: All detectors can be monitored centrally via web application. In case of leakage, individually configured alarm messages digitally transmit doubtless alarms via SMS and/or e-mail to various devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs. The size is similar to a conventional smoke detector.

A special feature of the SpillGuard® connect detector is its ability to respond to a wide variety of types of hazardous substances. And it is at this point that things get really interesting: because when hazardous substances escape, under no circumstances should higher temperatures be reached. This means: If there are explosive gas mixtures in the air of the hazardous material storage area – then the warning device must not heat up too much during operation or when high charge capacities occur, nor must it emit sparks. Under no circumstances!

Technical design SpillGuard® connect: Completely explosion-proof

Alle SpillGuard® connect Detektoren garantieren diese Sicherheit: Ihre Atex Zone 0-Zulassung erfüllen strengste Anforderungen an den Explosionsschutz. Der technische Aufbau ist All SpillGuard® connect detectors guarantee this level of safety: Their Atex Zone 0 approval meets the most stringent explosion protection requirements. The technical design is such that no higher temperatures are generated during use. Even if the device acts incorrectly, no additional sparks are generated. In plain language, this means that even if something breaks in the device itself, the SpillGuard® connect is still protected by its design in such a way that nothing occurs or happens that could lead to an explosion of the leaked hazardous substances in the environment. It was precisely this desired behavior that was the major challenge in development, which our experts passed.

In the meantime, the system has proven itself in practical endurance tests and has not only convinced many users so far: SpillGuard® connect has already won two awards for the most innovative technical development – the “German Innovation Award 2020” and the “OWL Innovation Award for Market Visions 2021/22”. Here is more information:

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