Pager F.R.E.D. - Deployment in Emsland

New digital emergency alerting system: HK.DIGITAL supplies 2400 F.R.E.D. pagers to Emsland fire departments and rescue services

Pager F.R.E.D.


The F.R.E.D. pager – the abbreviation stands for “First Response Emergency Deployment” – is a digital alerting system that guarantees safety around the clock. It was developed in consultation with people from professional groups who depend on reliably functioning technology to save lives in an emergency: Fire departments, rescue and security services, etc. The most important features of the product are reliable round-the-clock availability, fast alerting, high battery performance and simple, intuitive operation in a handy, robust format with a modern, clear display.

Another feature that is crucial for the current job: the F.R.E.D. pager works with the modern 4G/LTE mobile radio standards and the so-called “second band” CAT M1. This enables optimized accessibility for the emergency services even with poor signal strength or overloaded networks.

All devices will be delivered by June 30, 2025, and around 900 pagers are already in use – with consistently positive feedback from users.

More details can be found here on the website of the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung: