IoT Smart Tags – or: How to achieve great things with small series!

Conbee GmbH from Wehrheim im Taunus has specialized in the optimization of logistics processes. The company, which is located in the north of Frankfurt/Main, develops sensors with which material, vehicles or load carriers can be located in real time for operational logistics purposes. Such a sensor (called IoT smart tag) is a building block for industry 4.0 and enables effective tracking scenarios with added value for logistics and production processes.

At LogiMAT 2017, an IoT smart tag developed by Conbee GmbH was voted as the best product of the year.

Managing Director Michael Nickolai explains the advantages of the sensor as follows:
Using IoT smart tags, companies are able to improve their warehouse concepts, save resources and optimize their logistics processes across the entire supply chain. Effective generation of information becomes child’s play. The intelligent sensors transmit data and information about the environment, condition and movement of all vehicles and equipment on the company premises in real time.

The battery-powered Smart Tag has also been optimized for maximum battery life with minimum energy consumption and performs its services for up to three years even when used intensively. The IoT Smart Tag is also available in two extremely robust (ruggedized) versions aimed at the industrial market in harsh environments.

The designers and engineers from industrialpartners and their creative ideas were responsible for product design, housing development and construction for the smart sensors B200R – Rugged Smart TAG and B400R – Rugged Smart TAG.

Small but nice: The robust B200R has the special feature of an integrated temperature monitoring. This allows critical processes to be monitored using the tag smart to control and monitor: For example, compliance with the cold chain for certain products or the triggering of an alarm when critical thresholds are reached. The integrated radio module
transmits the acquired sensor data wirelessly and therefore does not require a SIM card. The IoT smart tag B400R is also characterized by its robust housing, offers authentication functions as a configurable tag and is fraud-proof.

Intelligent algorithms for motion analysis as well as energy-efficient and secure data transmission are essential factors for innovative IoT products that digitize operational processes quickly and cost-effectively. Not only internal processes can be digitized with the help of the IoT Smart
Tag procedures can be optimized. Vandalism and theft can also be avoided thanks to the sensors and the associated hardware and software.

With the innovative production system HP Multi Jet Fusion 4200, the team of
industrialpartners has started the production severall small series of IoT Smart Tags to support Conbee`s first product installations. Several thousands of the smart tags were produced using the rapid prototyping process, which is used to produce high quality speed combined with low turnaround times and low material costs, yet is one of the most cost-effective additive manufacturing processes.

Whether goods logistics, airport logistics, construction site logistics or warehouse logistics: Everywhere, where search times minimized, operations optimized, cycle processes improved or simply the overview of the inventory should be kept, the modular and scalable IoT Smart Tag offers fast and easy access to efficient solutions.

The possibility of adaptation to individual application requirements in combination with high process reliability and more transparency in asset management, IoT smart tag sensors will be the new stars in the intralogistics world.