Innovation Award 2021 The winners

HK.SYSTEMS Innovation Award

The winners of the HK.SYSTEMS Innovation Award 2021 have finally been determined!

Dieses Mal kommen die Sieger aus dem Hoffmann + Krippner Team: In der Kategorie „Produkt-Innovation“ gewinnt Steffen Morhart aus der IT mit dem Thema „Digitale IT-Inventarisierung von Hardware“. Den This time the winners come from the Hoffmann + Krippner team: In the category “Product Innovation” Steffen Morhart from IT wins with the topic “Digital IT Inventory of Hardware”. The award in the category “Process Innovation” goes to Alexander Häfner from Sales with his idea for the HK Medical Device.

We congratulate this year’s winners from the bottom of our hearts: You have earned it!

But we would also like to thank everyone who took part: For your ideas, your commitment and your tireless efforts in working out the suggestions for improvement.

Your Innovation Ideas for our digital future

Just how important your thought-provoking ideas can be for all of us is particularly evident this year: the innovative idea for digital IT inventorying of hardware has already led to a concrete customer project. We are currently developing the approach further into a scalable cloud platform for inventorying, monitoring and managing IoT-enabled and non-IoT-enabled devices, rooms and objects. We will launch our resulting product extension “Assets@Work” this year.

The idea for the HK Medical Device was also put through its paces in various workshops. Alexander’s innovation provided a valuable impetus for the development of various health solutions for the process optimization of administrative work in the health economy. At the same time, we were able to identify another promising use case for our ROSI nano.

And that is exactly the goal of the HK.SYSTEMS Innovation Award – to tease out your undisputed know-how! All employees of the HK Group have acquired a very high level of fundamental expertise in their field of activity over many years. This important expertise helps us in its entirety: Through the individual transfer of knowledge, we develop new products or carry out process optimizations. Let’s use this swarm intelligence together and develop innovative products and processes. This is how we strengthen the foundation of our companies, this is how we secure our future!

HK.SYSTEMS Innovation Award 2022

Every colleague can also take part in the current Innovation Award 2022. Simply drop your suggestions for a product or process innovation in the digital Innovation Award Mailbox – or send them by e-mail to: .

Our product management team will evaluate all suggestions in a timely manner and then review their implementation with you. At the end of the year, a cross-departmental committee decides which suggestions were feasible and evaluates the respective cost-benefit ratio in parallel. Based on these criteria, we then determine the winners, who receive an attractive prize for their commitment.

And more importantly, next year we will continue to enjoy writing success stories – together!