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HELICOM becomes HK.SYSTEMS: Efficient electronics development – completely in-house!

Welcome to the family: HELICOM Entwicklungsgesellschaft für Telekommunikation und Medientechnik mbH has been part of our network since our founding days. Now the Münster-based company will finally become a full part of HK.SYSTEMS GmbH on May 1, 2022 – with a continued decisive role: At the Münster site, our experienced specialists will take care of the development of the appropriate electronics in connection with connectivity as part of an IoT project. In other words: No successful, functioning IoT solution without HELICOM’s know-how!

The planned integration that has now been implemented is a further logical step in our strategic development. At the same time, the official HK.SYSTEMS headquarters will also be located in Münster from May 1, 2022.

Electronics development: the nucleus for successful IoT solutions

When implementing an IoT project, developing the right electronics in conjunction with connectivity plays a crucial role. A challenging task for our specialists – with a suitable core competence in the field of mobile radio transmission.

Products, solutions and development services in hardware, firmware and middleware: electronics, data transmission, electronics development, server technology – we offer the complete package from a single source! Implemented in-house by creative developers, individually and efficiently tailored to the respective IoT project. This valuable expertise guarantees that the sensor data collected is transmitted reliably and validly via mobile communications – to the cloud or, if required, to the customer’s server, using modern transmission technologies from 2G to 5G.

Important in all steps: In the spirit of “Green I(o)T”, we pay attention to the sustainable use of all capacities: The transmission of data is always optimized, and repeat cycles are also meticulously tailored to the individual applications.

Comprehensive in-house expertise: creative and efficient

We take a comprehensive approach to the development of electronics and reliable connectivity: as part of an IoT project, we develop the complete solution package in-house – hardware and software with suitable firmware and middleware. Our engineers work creatively and efficiently: from the layout of the circuit diagram to the construction of prototypes and the procurement of components for subsequent series production. And – if necessary – we can also draw on capacities for large-scale production. What always applies: We accompany the development progress until all devices are not only finished, but are stable in the field.

That is our strength: the individual solution, optimized for each individual IoT project. If possible, designed very simply – if necessary, in conjunction with edge computing, sometimes highly complex and intelligent.

Would you like a few product references? Here we go:

HeliBar – Mobile barcode scanner

Versatile scanner: recognizes a wide range of industrial barcodes and transmits them to the cloud or a central server. Location and environment-independent thanks to IP-based transmission via internal mobile radio modem. Robust and largely waterproof: HeliBar is the ideal tool for barcode-based applications – quality assurance, logistics, checking attendance, activities and products.

Reliable “Eric” pager for extremely fast and reliable alerting

Maximum accessibility: Available for any GSM network, the pager receives alarms of up to 960 characters. All configurations via GroupAlarm, the system can be integrated directly into all processes. Further advantages:

  • Optimum reception quality and high reliability by using all available GSM networks, including national and international roaming
  • Complete 2-way alarm
  • High security level thanks to complete end-to-end encryption
  • Secure alarm reception
  • Long service life thanks to IP54 certification

Touch panel operating system for mobile radio-based online ordering and billing processes

Hardware solution for the food industry: Mobile phone-based touch panel operating system for optimal, secure, online-based ordering and booking processes – for example in school canteens and daycare centers. Versatile with customizable features:

  • Constant availability of the hardware via mobile radio
  • Plug’n’Play hardware with remote maintenance
  • Low data rate for transmissions (mobile radio)
  • Uncomplicated operation
  • Comprehensive support to ensure constant operational readiness (hardware & software) and provision of online services

GPRS Printer – efficient online printer

Printer for a wide range of applications. Highly robust construction combined with excellent communication options:

  • Individually programmable user interface
  • Always connected online to a central, IP-based server via GPRS
  • Possible printout and return of any text-based information, barcode can be added as an option
  • Patented protocol service specializing in the transmission of small amounts of data
  • Particularly suitable for delivery services, logistics and all mobile services