HELICOM becomes HK.SYSTEMS: Efficient electronics development – completely in-house!

Welcome to the Family: HELICOM Entwicklungsgesellschaft für Telekommunikation und Medientechnik mbH has been part of our network since our founding days. Now, on May 1, 2022, the Münster/Germany-based company will finally become a full part of HK.SYSTEMS GmbH – with a role that continues to be crucial: At the Münster site, our experienced specialists will take care of the development of the appropriate electronics in conjunction with connectivity as part of an IoT project. In other words: No successful, functioning IoT solution without HELICOM’s know-how!

The now implemented scheduled integration is another logical step in our strategic development. In parallel, the official HK.SYSTEMS headquarters will also be located in Münster from May 1, 2022.

Electronics development: nucleus for successful IoT solutions

When implementing an IoT project, the development of suitable electronics in conjunction with connectivity plays a decisive role. This is a challenging task for our specialists – with a suitable core competence in the field of mobile wireless transmission.

Products, solutions and development services in hardware, firmware and middleware: electronics, data transmission, electronics development, server technology – we offer the complete package from a single source! Implemented in-house by creative developers, individually and efficiently tailored to the respective IoT project. This valuable know-how guarantees that the determined sensor data is transmitted reliably and validly via mobile communication technology – to the cloud or, if required, to the customer’s servers, using modern transmission technologies from 2G to 5G.

Important in all steps: In the spirit of “Green I(o)T”, we pay attention to sustainable use of all capacities: The transmission of data always runs in an optimized manner, and repeat cycles are also meticulously matched to the individual applications.

Comprehensive in-house know-how: creative and efficient

We take a comprehensive approach to the development of electronics and reliable connectivity: as part of an IoT project, we develop the complete solution package in-house – hardware and software with matching firmware and middleware. Our engineers work creatively and efficiently: from the layout of the circuit diagram to the construction of the prototypes and component procurement as part of the subsequent series production. And – if need be – we can also draw on capacities for large-scale production. What always applies: We accompany the development progress until all devices are not only ready, but also running stably in the field.

That is our strength: The individual solution, optimized for each individual IoT project. If possible, very simply designed – if necessary, in connection with edge computing, also highly complex and intelligent.

Would you like a few product references? Well, here we go:

HeliBar – Mobile Barcode Scanner

Versatile scanner: Recognizes a wide range of industrial barcodes and transfers them to the cloud or to a central server. Location and environment independent thanks to IP-based transmission via internal cellular modem. Robust and largely waterproof: HeliBar is the optimal tool for barcode-based applications – quality assurance, logistics, control of presences, activities and products.

Reliable pager “Eric” for extremely fast and secure alerting

Maximum accessibility: available for any GSM network, the pager receives alarms up to 960 characters. All configurations via GroupAlarm, the system can be directly integrated into all processes. Other advantages:

  • Optimal reception quality and high reliability by using all available GSM networks, national and international roaming included
  • Complete 2-way alerting
  • High security level through complete end-to-end encryption
  • Secure alarm reception
  • Long durability due to IP54 certification

Touch panel operating system for mobile wireless-based online ordering and billing processes

Hardware solution for the food industry: Mobile communications technology-based touch panel operating system for optimal, secure, online-based ordering and accounting processes – for example in school canteens and daycare centers. Versatile application with individually adaptable features:

  • Permanent accessibility of the hardware via mobile wireless
  • Plug’n’play hardware with remote maintenance
  • Low data rate for transmissions (mobile wireless)
  • Uncomplicated operation
  • Comprehensive support to ensure constant operational readiness (hardware & software) and provision of online services

GPRS Printer – efficient online printer

Printer for a wide range of applications. Highly robust design combined with excellent communication capabilities:

  • Individually programmable user interface
  • Always online connected to a central IP-based server via GPRS
  • Possibility to print and return any text-based information, barcode can be added optionally
  • Patented protocol service specialized in the transmission of small amounts of data
  • Especially suitable for delivery services, logistics and all mobile services