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Creative, efficient electronics development – Reliable data transmission within your IoT project

When implementing an IoT project, the development of suitable electronics in conjunction with connectivity plays a decisive role. In the HK.SYSTEMS network, Münster-based HELICOM GmbH takes on this demanding task. It is the specialist for electronics development in the field of IoT – with the core competence of mobile communications transmission technology.

Products, solutions and development services in hardware, firmware and middleware: electronics, data transmission, electronics development, server technology – we offer the complete package from a single source, individually tailored to the respective IoT project.

Within the scope of IoT projects, we guarantee that the acquired sensor data is transmitted reliably and validly via mobile communications technology – to the cloud or, if required, to the customer’s servers. For this, we use the modern transmission technologies from 2G to 5G.

Workshop as basis for optimal solution

Our problem-solving approach is simple to understand and at the same time absolutely effective: At the beginning, there is the simple question of what problem the customer wants to solve. In a workshop, we then work together to develop the appropriate IoT-based solution approaches. This workshop, which is adapted to the complexity of the project, leads step by step to the goal. Together, we develop a detailed structure and specifically identify the guiding principles of the planned IoT project. In this way, the customer and ourselves gain insights that lead to the desired, new business case. Because we are aware of one thing with our decades of experience: every customer is different, every IoT project is different. That’s why we don’t deliver an off-the-shelf solution, but an individual potential analysis tailored to the customer and project needs.

Reliable connectivity

When it comes to mobile communications transmission technology, we distinguish between two basic features: battery/accumulator-powered or via permanent power operation, through which we can also establish a permanent online connection.

The advantage of the battery-powered solution is that it can be used cyclically when required or triggered by the sensor technology used – in other words, the data volume is optimized as much as possible with this solution. In the sense of “Green I(o)T”, we pay close attention to the sustainable use of all capacities: The transmission of the data volumes always runs optimized, and the repetition cycles are also application-optimized.

If required, we integrate the option of a return channel in our solutions for ideal mobile commucations transmission: this means that interactive features can also be implemented as part of an IoT project.

“In the sense of “Green I(o)T”, we pay close attention to the sustainable use of all capacities

Comprehensive in-house know-how – the best solution from a single source

Our hardware engineers use state-of-the-art 3-D CAD systems for design and plastic construction, CAD circuit design and prototyping. Depending on the project, our software engineers work with the latest tools and also draw on very specialized know-how, for example for customer-specific Android applications such as Android terminals.

Here, we take a comprehensive view of our approach to developing the electronics and reliable connectivity within an IoT project: we develop the complete solution package in-house – hardware and software with matching firmware and middleware. Our expertise ranges from the layout of the circuit diagram to the construction of the prototypes and component procurement as part of the subsequent series production. Depending on the size of the project, we also draw on capacities for large-scale production. The following applies to all projects: We accompany the progress until the desired device is ready and, above all, running stably in the field.

Because that is exactly where our strength lies: in the individual solution, adapted to each individual IoT project. Hardware and software can be very simple, but in combination with edge computing they can also be highly complex and intelligent. Important in any approach: We take over the management of the mobile communications transmission ourselves, whereby we can also fall back on our own patent-protected processes. In this way, we guarantee optimum data transmission from the hardware via the middleware to the cloud, the server application or the customer’s own systems.