The Digital Alarm System Pager F.R.E.D. – 24/7 Next Level Security

The pager F.R.E.D. is our next digital product innovation. F.R.E.D. stands for “First Response Emergency Deployment” – a digital alert system that guarantees reliable and fast security around the clock. It was developed in consultation with the people who depend on reliably functioning technology to save lives in an emergency. Together with them, we have coordinated the features that the pager now has: reliable 24/7 accessibility, rapid alert and simple, intuitive operation – all in a handy, robust format.

F.R.E.D. is the ideal solution for all industries where security operations need to be coordinated quickly and reliably:

  • Fire departments can use F.R.E.D. to alert all the necessary emergency personnel in a matter of seconds via a group call, thus optimizing their deployment planning.
  • In rescue services, F.R.E.D. guarantees reliable accessibility and ensures that rescue operations are initiated quickly.
  • In nursing services, the pager significantly improves internal coordination. With its integrated alarm button, it offers employees in home care additional security.
  • In event management, F.R.E.D. enables optimal organization, even for events with high network utilization.

The functional principle: fast, digital, redundant

The F.R.E.D. pager functions simply, quickly and reliably using the two-way paging principle: Reachability can be easily read on each pager. The responsible control or coordination center sees the current availability of each team member. Once an alert has been issued, the pager automatically sends an acknowledgement of receipt and allows the user to provide feedback. Depending on requirements, the GPS location of each device can be conveniently switched on and off manually.

In use, the system enables reliable alerting of almost 100% of all radio pagers in just a few seconds. Direct feedback to the control center is provided by an automatic acknowledgement of receipt. Incidentally, there is no provision for a network failure: The patented, IP-based data protocol enables optimum reachability: reliable delivery of the alert is thus guaranteed even with poor signal strength and overloaded networks – perfect for major events. Added to this is a high security standard thanks to end-to-end encryption at data and protocol level and integrated VPN tunnels.

During the development of F.R.E.D., emphasis was also placed on maximum redundancy: this was optimally implemented with a roaming SIM, a dual-SIM solution or the international mobile communications standard LTE CAT M1. The system sets up a virtual leased line when in use: Each individual F.R.E.D. pager constantly checks its own connection and transmits its status to the control center. The connection to the respective control systems works completely uncomplicated via free interfaces (API).

The technology: reliable, robust, simple, uncomplicated

  • Reliable alarm function
    The alarm on the pager works via three adjustable functions: a visual alarming via ultra-bright LEDs, an acoustic alarming via loudspeaker with adjustable ringing tones and an alarming via powerful vibration. An integrated alarm reminder function increases reliability. The F.R.E.D. pager can be used bidirectionally: Thanks to the manual feedback option for the user, it supports targeted mission planning, emergency call function including location transmission.
  • Robust housing
    The F.R.E.D. pager has an IP64-certified, dust and splash-proof housing with a practical belt clip. A specially designed charging cradle provides inductive charging, and the high-performance battery ensures a comfortable battery life of approximately 48 hours. The radio message receiver works in temperature ranges from – 20° C to 60° Celsius.
  • Simple operation
    F.R.E.D. can be operated intuitively using just a few buttons and clear menu navigation. With the bright and viewing-angle-stable display, every user is able to immediately grasp all alarm texts at a glance, even in unfavorable environments. In addition, the pager is equipped with a separate emergency call button. When it is pressed, the current location is transmitted directly via GPS.
  • Uncomplicated remote maintenance
    Users can easily perform the necessary configurations and software updates over-the-air via the mobile phone interface. To do this, they either start the updates themselves or centrally via the server. Another important security feature: In the event of loss, the pager is directly locked or unlocked remotely, with a text message – for example, the user’s contact details – providing additional information.

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